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Aircraft fuel tank, fuselage, windshield, conductive and specialty sealants Industrial sealants and adhesives

Sealing, Bonding and Joining for Aircraft MRO. Sealing, bonding and joining are critical to any heavy check service. We offer a variety of sealants that keep moisture out and prevent pressurization and fuel leaks. We also offer a series of tapes and adhesives that may be used as an alternative to fastening hardware.

Our partners have completed qualification of all three grades of their non-chromate corrosion-inhibiting sealant PR-2870 that provides commercial, general aviation and military aircraft manufacturers as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul shops with faster cure to reduce application cycle time for significant cost savings.

Reliable Sealing & Surface Protection

Aircraft sealants have a significant impact on airframe functionality, operational performance, maintainability over time and overall costs. Kleenol Aerospace Materials effectively seal panels and protect against mechanical forces and harsh environments that can damage aircraft structures, like vibration, corrosion, high temperatures, aggressive fluids, UV radiation, and other environmental hazards that tend to break down and weaken traditional materials. Also, unlike traditional two-component materials, our materials are lightweight, non-curing, and simplify the process by reducing installation steps.

Why Do You Need this Service?

We're at work in a variety of aerospace sealant applications Improve quality, reduce application time, and reduce waste Environmentally friendly, light weight / low density, rapid cure materials Customized Sealant Solutions (CSS) - sealing solutions in preformed shapes designed to simplify the sealing process: Seal caps and Semfoam™ Sealants Durable, quality performance Aerospace Sealants Convenient and efficient containers including Semkit® packages and PRC® Pre-mixed and frozen (PMF) cartridges Fuel resistant Industrial Sealants and Adhesives products created with PPG Aerospace technology


Why use materials that are time-consuming and labor-intensive, can delay production and maintenance schedules, and cost more money overall. Optimize your production using Kleenol Aerospace Materials that provide durable sealing and surface protection, increase availability and throughput, and reduce life-cycle costs.